Single dose composition
in 8 capsules

L-Leucin, mg 2400
L-Isoleucine, mg 1200
L-Valine, mg 1200
L-Glutamine, mg 400
Vitamin В6, mg 10

ВСАА+ is an amino acid product, which contains balanced amounts of branched amino acids, glutamine and vitamin B6.

The branched amino acids (BCAA) build 1/3 of the muscle protein in the body and protect muscle fibers exposed to prolonged pressure against damage. Their complementary acceptance leads to fat reduction, protects against catabolism processes (use of accumulated muscle mass as an energy source, resulting in its reduction). BCAA combined with insulin, produced on assimilation of carbohydrates, is involved in the transport of other amino acids to the muscles, with the aim of promoting their development and recovery.

L-glutamine is the most widespread amino acid in the body and stimulates the production of glycogen (energy source) in muscle, improving muscle tenacity. The presence of glutamine is believed to lead to muscle development.

ВСАА+ is an excellent combination for muscle mass growth when it is applied in conjunction with other Biogame protein products.


Supports the gaining and preservation of muscle mass, strengthens immunity, helps to restore injuries. Protects muscle tissue against atrophy, ensures successful recovery and development of muscle tissue after trauma or surgery, assists in the treatment of liver diseases and improves brain activity.


8 capsules,  4 intakes.