- Magnesium aspartate - 420 mg, equivalent to 1.4 mmol magnesium
- Zinc aspartate - 25 mg, equivalent to 5 mg zinc
- Vitamin B6 - 10 mg

Zimag is natural innocuous preparation and has no side effects. The combination of magnesium and zinc increases and regulates testosterone level of the body, decreasing in that way its secretion rate through the liver and its transformation to dehydrotestosterone.

An insufficiency of zinc (zinc insufficiency) at approximately 30% adults (male and female) causes dropping of the testosterone level in the organism. Magnesium has anticatabolic effect, reducing cortisole level. The magnesium, as a second element into the composition of human body, is an essential building element of the cells. Magnesium and zinc together are involved into the energy processes of metabolism of peptides and carbohydrates. The combination of magnesium aspartate and zinc aspartate has potential non-steroidical action.
Zimag stimulates the secretion of anabolic hormones – testosterone and IGF-1 (insulin-mimic growth factor). Its administration during an extended training increases the level of secreted from the organism of the person testosterone by 40%.

Foods enriched by calcium must be avoided during the time of Zimag administration.


Zimag is used during times of recovery and growth for reduction of the recovery process, at a potential risk of crampy, necessity to enlarge the muscle strength and stability, for regulation of cortisole level in the organism, for prophylaxis of osteoporosis due to androgenic insufficiency, as antidepressant. It can be administrated to all cases of low testosterone level and impossibility to apply therapy by hormones.


Male: 2-3 capsules, half an hour after sleep and before meal.
Female: 1-2 capsules, half an hour after sleep and before meal.