in 100 g
Carbohydrates, 72 g
Proteins, 23,7 g
including whey protein, 15,8 g
soy protein, 7,9 g
Amino acids, 4,3 g
L-Glutamic acid, 315 mg
L-Aspartic acid, 242 mg
L-Lysine, 211 mg
L-Leucine, 175 mg
L-Glycine, 172 mg
L-Arginine, 165 mg
L-Valine, 145 mg
L-Proline, 134 mg
L-Alanine, 130 mg
L-Serine, 126 mg
L-Threonine, 118 mg
L-Isoleucine, 95 mg
L-Phenylalanine, 95 mg
L-Tyrosine, 65 mg
L-Histidine, 58 mg
L-Methionine, 29 mg
L-½ Cystine, 22 mg
L-Tryptophane, 4 mg

Mineral salts and microelements
calcium, 720 mg
potassium, 600 mg
sodium, 300 mg
magnesium, 150 mg
phosphorus, 150 mg
iron, 3 mg

Lipotropic substances
cholin bitartrate, 600 mg
L-Carnitine, 300 mg
@-Lipoic acid, 100 mg
inositol, 100 mg
betain hydrochloride, 20 mg


vitamin С, 20 mg
vitamin Е, 6 mg
nicotinamide, 5 mg
vitamin В1, 2 mg
vitamin В2, 2 mg
vitamin В6, 2 mg
Са D-pantothenate, 2 mg
folic acid, 390 µg
vitamin А, 152 µg
biotin, 8 µg
vitamin В12, 8 µg
vitamin D, 2 µg

ENERGY VALUE per 100 g: 1602 kJ (385 cal)

Supermass is extremely successful formula for mass storage, applicable for beginners and advanced people. It contains more than 50 components. It is enriched by vitamins, salts, macro- and micro- elements, and lipotropic compounds. The content of one recommended dose is in agreement to carbohydrate, protein and fatty metabolism and stimulates growth and recovery processes of the body.

The carbohydrates are chosen with a view to satisfy the energy needs of the organism, exposed on high pressures. The protein has an especially high bio-catalytic value. It is completely assimilated and satisfies body needs without difficulty of metabolism. The balance reached by supplement of free amino acids is in especially agreement to organism needs of sportsmen training power sports.


At times of physical pressure and protein insufficient (recovery, poorly or inferior feeding), the preparation supports the salt balance, leads to fast muscle mass storage.


- children - 20-35 g (1-2 measure spoons)
- adults - 60-90 g (4-6 measure spoons), dissolved in a glass of water or soft drink
- sportsmen (acceleration of the process of building of muscle relief) –100-120 g
(7-9 measure spoons)

- vanilla
- banana
- strawberry
- chocolate
- cappuccino
- green apple
- tropic sky