L-Carnitine does not contain any sugars, synthetic fragrants, dyes or preservatives.

L-Carnitine is classic lipotropic formula of proved effect for fat degradation. It is especially effective during times of dietary regime and heavy physical pressure. It increases the energy possibility and tenacity at times of heavy physical pressure. It helps for a fast body recovery and overcoming unpleasant stress reactions.

The complex action of L-Carnitine is the acceleration and regulation of metabolism, which conducts body overweight diminution without any negative consequences for the organism.

Naturally, muscle tissues contain L-Carnitine and it is involved in fats metabolism (in the transport of fatty acids to cell mitochondria and their transformed into energy). Choline is included into the composition of lecithin and from them phospholipids are synthesized in the liver. The phospholipids are requisite for the transport of fatty acids and stimulate their oxidation. Methionine provides methyl groups for holine synthesis and regulates the metabolism of proteins. Inositol is also involved in phospholipid synthesis.

Applicable to body overweight diminution, as a factor for burning of redundant fats, regulation and acceleration of the metabolism. It can be used as an additional therapy of primary and secondary insufficiency of Levocarnitine.<

Daily dose according to body weight:
- up to 46 kg - 500 mg
- from 46 to 69 kg - 750 mg
- over 69 - 1000 mg

Possible ways of administration:
- before meals in the morning
- 30 min before training