Calcium aspartate - 8 g
Protein - 31 g
Carbohydrate - 60 g
Fats - 1 g

Calciform is based on natural compositions and enriched by calcium powder. It assists in the healing of fractures and prophylaxis of osteomalacia. It can be used during the growth and development of the body, at times of heavy physical pressure, overstrain and psychological pressure, for the elderly and during recovery from disease.

Calciform is designed for prophylaxis of diseases of the bone system and especially osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by disturbance of the micro- architecture of the bone tissue, which leads to increased brittleness and risk from fracture. The brittleness of bones increases with age and even after small traumatic injury there is an enhanced risk of fracture. Additional calcium intake is necessary to avoid these problems. Calcium takes part in the structure of cellular membranes, increases the muscle shortening and normalizes the function of the heart muscle. Calcium salts are helpful for enhancement of muscle strength and total tenacity, and contribute to increase in brain and physical efficiency.

Calciform contains a milk protein, carbohydrates and calcium aspartames. The calcium is contained in the form of aspartic acid salts (an amino acid salt). In this way its assimilation by the body is much higher compared to calcium in the form of inorganic salts. This makes

Calciform unique and with a high biological value. 75 g of the preparation provides the daily dose of calcium in completely acceptable form.

The preparation is not recommended in cases of hypercalcemia, nephrolitiaza, urolitiaza and renal insufficiency.

During periods of body growth and development, physical pressure and overstrain, psychically disorder.
With the progress of age for prophylaxis of bone diseases, physical pressure and overstrain, recovery after illness and for healing of fractures.

Three times daily, two graduated spoons (25 g), dissolved in 200 ml water, milk or other soft drink.

The product is available in the following flavors:
- strawberry
- banana