in1 capsule

Vitamin C - 100 mg
Vitamin E - 39 mg
Nicotinamide - 24 mg
Ca D-pantothenate - 10 mg
Vitamin B1 - 10 mg
Vitamin B2 - 10 mg
Vitamin B6 - 10 mg
Vitamin A 750 g
Biotin - 40 g
Folic acid - 16 g
Vitamin D 10 g
Vitamin B12 - 4 g

Mineral salts and microelements:
Phosphorus - 300 mg
Calcium - 47 mg
Magnesium - 23 mg
Sodium - 15 mg
Potassium - 10 mg
Iron - 9 mg
Zinc - 7 mg
Manganese - 2 mg
Cupper - 500 g
Chromium - 50 g

Biostrong is a multivitamin product containing 12 vitamins and 12 minerals. Quantity and quality selection of the vitamins is made in order to completely satisfy body requirements, when it is exposed to high physical pressure. The mineral salts and microelements have an amino acid base, which makes them different to traditional multivitamin forms and defines their high biological value and 100% assimilation in the body.

There are two main features that distinguish Biostrong from the large number of other multivitamin preparations on the market:

  • The preparation has no analogue; it contains minerals and microelements, which are amino acid salts (Aspartic acid). This determines its high biological value and fast and complete assimilation, which is several times higher then those of preparations based on inorganic salts.
  • The vitamin composition has been planed for sportsmen and people practicing heavy physical work. It is consistent with the requirements of the body during high pressure. The preparation also offers wide possibilities for combination with other recovery preparations.

Biostrong does not contains any sugars, synthetic flavors, dyes or preservatives.

For active and amateur sportsmen exposed to high physical pressure, hard workers, at times of vitamin deficiency.

The use of other multivitamin preparations is not recommended whilst taking Biostrong.

One capsule daily, in the morning, before meal.