Biogame Pro 85


Analytical composition
for 100 g:

Proteins - 85 g
Lipids - 1 g
Carbohydrates - 4 g
L-carnitine - 1500 mg
Creatine monohydrate - 2500 mg
ATF - 50 g
L-Glutamine - 1000 mg
BCAA - 1000 mg
L-Arginine - 250 mg
L-Lysine - 125 mg
L- Methionine - 125 mg
- Vitamin C - 32.6 mg
- Vitamin B1 - 3.3 mg
- Vitamin B2 - 3.3 mg
- Vitamin B6 - 3.3 mg
- Vitamin B12 - 13 µg
- Nicotinamide - 8.0 mg
- Folic acid - 53.3 µg
- Ca D-pantothenate - 3.3 mg
- Vitamin E - 10.0 mg
- Vitamin A - 833 I.U.
- Vitamin D - 133 I.U.
- Biotin - 13.3 µg

Biogame Pro 85 is a milk-whey protein concentrate enriched by enzymes. The enzymes contribute to the enhancement of low-molecular peptides in the digestive system, which leads to high assimilation without additional loading of the digestive system, making it similar to amino acid preparations.

The branched amino acids (BCAA) build 1/3 of the muscle protein in the body and protect muscle fibers exposed to prolonged pressure against damage. Their complementary acceptance leads to fat reduction, protects against catabolism processes (use of accumulated muscle mass as an energy source, resulting in its reduction). BCAA combined with insulin, produced on assimilation of carbohydrates, is involved in the transport of other amino acids to the muscles, with the aim of promoting their development and recovery.

L-glutamine is the most widespread amino acid in the body and stimulates the production of glycogen (energy source) in muscles, improving muscle tenacity.

L-carnitine takes part in the transportation of fatty acids and their use as an energy source and leads to removal from the body of redundant fats.

The combination of L-arginine, L-lysine and L- methionine stimulates the production of growth hormone in the body, resulting in an increase in muscle mass and effective recovery after training.

It is useful at times of physical pressure and protein insufficiency (during recovery, pregnancy, poor or inferior diets and weight loss diets).

For children: 2 doses (20–30 g).
For adults: 2-5 doses (25–75 g).

The product is available in the following flavors:
- banana
- chocolate