Amino Acid 3800


Single dose composition
(three capsules):

 - 240 mg
Creatine - 200 mg
Cystine - 200 mg
Ornitine - 200 mg
Tyrosine - 200 mg
Valine - 180 mg
 - 180 mg
Isoleucine - 160 mg
Arginine - 150 mg 
Histidine - 130 mg
Phenylalanine - 100 mg
Threonine - 100 mg
Methionine - 50 mg

Amino Acid 3800 is a well balanced composition providing material for building of muscle tissue. It contains all essential and some non-essential amino acids, and for better stimulation of muscle development, increased amounts of branched amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine).

For the production of Amino Acid 3800 Biogame received an “Enyo” award and diploma for its contribution to pharmaceutical policy for 2004. The National Branch of the Economic Chamber of Commercial Wholesale Distributors of Pharmaceutical Media and Medico-Sanitary and Herbal Preparations has conferred this award to Biogame.


This product is not recommended for children of age under 14 years!


For active sports: 1 dose (three capsules) in the morning after breakfast or 20 minutes after training.

For adults: 2-3 capsules daily in the morning after breakfast.